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Here's some worth while info you can add to the 47 headshot achievement.

2 good missions you can get this one. One is the Gunshop area and the other is Factory Compound - Infiltrate Compound part. Here's how to do both but the 2nd is the best!

Take note that restarting checkpoints work!

Gunshop - When you have control of 47, find the power box at the back of the shop. Opposite side to the duck shooting game. Sabotage it then the guard behind the front desk will move.

When its clear, go behind the desk and through the door. Head up the stairs and into the room. Now exit the room via the open balcony door and drop down to the left. Follow the path around until you get into the trenches and can look down the shooting range. In this part is a Sniper Rifle.

Grab it, and climb the ladder and take cover. Now just shoot everyone in the head. Only issue is, if you restart the checkpoint, you have to do this all over again.

Compound - Once you've made it down the lift, you'll come to a path that you need to run up. Just outside of this is a guard and a sniper rifle with a silencer. Let the guard move and grab it. Now walk up the stairs to your right for a good advantage point.

From here, kill all the guards. You should get a good 12+ if not more. Guards on the bridge and just off it, some near the building at the back, 2 in the window of the building to the right, and then a fair few to the left near the lorry tanker. Once all are dead, restart and you'll be at the bottom of the hill.

For anyone still wondering when it unlocks. As soon as you get your 47th headshot With any sniper rifle it will unlock. You do not need to do it with one type nor do you need to complete the level.

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