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Originally Posted by [Waggly Bean] View Post
Yep, lame isn't it? Just started this today as I've been meaning to get it done and deleted to save myself 500MB of HDD space. Gotta start Micro Labs Challenge too, and I'm hoping to hell it appears inside Fun Labs as I don't rememeber seeing it there before, but I have no idea how I'm going to play it if it's not there, short of deleting it, redownloading it and then using Quick Play....

Going back to how disorganised MS is - they also need to sort out their WP7 marketplace, as the alphabetical listing of Xbox Live games seems to have gone walkies!
Hey man,

I know exactly what you mean about this disorderly ways MS files things. I don't remember it being this unorganized with the blades though? I was actually thinking Microsoft screwed up and put this game under XBLA titles when It should have been a Fun Labs gadget perhaps?

Did you finish Mars Rover? I heard it was one of the most difficult Fun Labs games there is.

Oh and yes, the Microlabs Challenge is found in the Kinect Fun Labs app! I just don't understand why Mars Rover is not. Your guess is as good as mine!
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