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Lightbulb Fanorona

Awesome! I haven't used this yet but I definitely will. The main reason I'm posting here right now though is that after finding this topic, I found a topic over on where member dawngalneryus posted a link to a java based Fanorona game which can be used in the same manner as you used the Nine Mens Morris game and I wanted to share the link to that since Fanorona seems to be the hardest game to win. Link is at bottom of post but I recommend reading what I've written as it explains how to setup the game correctly.

There is a bit of setup you have to go through before you play the game so I'd like to explain that before posting the link, you'll understand everything that I'm about to say once you're looking at the game.

First: go to "level" and check "Three-ply fixed depth search" and click "OK".

Second: go to "options" and make sure that human plays white pieces, computer plays black, white pieces start at top of board, white moves first, check algebraic notation, long move log format, and multiple captures on first move ok.

In the computer game, you move the white pieces which will be Achilles in AC3. Make sure he goes first on your xbox and then copy every move he makes on the computer version. Early on, it's hard to tell exactly what moves the computer is making and it moves almost instantly so you'll want to check the move log, I'll explain how the move log works in the next paragraph.

The way the move log interprets the game board is that the horizontal row is alphabetical, A through I, and the vertical row is numerical, 1-5. It may seem hard to read at first but it's very simple. The move log explains where the piece started, then where it moved to, then what pieces it took. Each line is that exact series of events so if you see multiple lines under white or black, each line was a different move in a combo. An example of a move would be a1-a2 x a3, a4, a5. In that example, I moved the piece at a1 (the bottom left corner) to a2 (up one) which took out the pieces on a3,4, and 5.

To move your pieces in the game, click and drag the piece you want to move unto the piece you wish to take even if you'll be moving away from that piece as the game understands that you can't move towards a piece that you're right next to, so it will know to move you away and take the piece that you were trying to take.

Finally, here is the link to the game:

And because I like to give credit where credit is due, here is the link to the ps3trophies page where dawngalneryus first posted this:
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