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Cool The way we did it.

Me (Six Sequences) & my bro (Castillo82) came with the intention to boost this achievement in the morning whenever we could. We did it at a Saturday morning, last week. We planned to get up around 9am (EST) cause we might had a better change to avoid all the people from the United States. So, of course there were 4 players in different lobbies. We tried to find each other since we had nothing to lose with the streak since we had none. We managed to find each other till streak 10. And guess what, that LIFTY guy, #4 on the Leaderboards (Ranked) a.k.a. one of the no-life virgins came in to interrupt our boost session. Yeah, we were like: (-_-') We struggled with some randoms in Ranked. They kept interrupting our streaks. So we were checking our recent player list for the persons we encountered and kept an eye on them. Whenever we both saw those person in Online Kombat or Idle, we kept trying till we were certain to search. To make sure no one would ruin the streaks for us, we double checked our recent player list. Also how many players there were in the lobbies, kept refreshing the lobbies for in case it was less then before since you have a change the players that left the lobbies, were trying ranked. One of us tried to search for 30+ seconds till we were certain to not get interrupted. It was pretty quite with the lobbies and we tried to get my streak. After all the observations, double checked the recent player-list, the 30+ seconds searching to make sure, we managed to get my streak from 11:00am till 11:15am. And guess what? If we were literally 5 seconds later, I was unlucky to encounter a high ranked player, cause my bro met someone in ranked after I got my achievement. I couldn't be happy yet. Wanted to get him the achievement as well. And surprisingly, there were some randoms, we had some struggles, kept doing the same thing over and over again. All the players from United States were offline except one guy. One guy from the United Kingdom: Britalian was his Gamertag. When I was searching to see if it was save for us, I met him. Instant rage-quit of course. Bye! But anyway, that guy was the only guy that was standing in our way. He stayed in the Menu for more then a hour. We knew he was searching ranked, but why? Serious? There was no one and I mean no one that was available in ranked. He kept trying for hours and we were really like: play something else you virgin. He went offline cause no one was playing ranked. Why am I not surprised? So we tried, tried, tried. With a lot of patience, since we wanted to be sure. We checked after every match at the recent player-list and the lobbies. The closer we get, the more nervous. We managed to get his achievement at 2pm (EST). Instant Dashboard So yeah, we did it with the 2 of us. Pretty sick and still legit, cause this achievement is not legit worthy for my opinion.

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