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Originally Posted by xD Rick View Post
Hey there.
How long to 1k it?
About 6-10 hours.

Multiverse Madness took me 2h 10mins solo run and gunning with Brian and a shotgun.

Multiplayer is boosted in 10 mins or less with a second controller.

Challenges took about 25 mins to do, the last one you need two controllers but you can do it all as Lois with a bit more difficulty. If you have someone there to overwatch as Peter it makes it a lot easier.

Story mode took me 8-10 hours but that's because I was checking every nook and cranny for the Secondary Objectives (level specific collectibles) but there isn't too many. The Teddys in Santa's Sweatshop eluded me (there are some in destroyable presents and the one I missed was on a chair in Santas office.) and the gold coins in Long John Peter's level (hint: Destroy EVERY crate you see on the ship you start on, you should have 8 before you hop onto your ship where you will find the 9th one under a box at the front of the ship).

Realistically with a guide the game should be about 6 hours, 4 if it wasn't for the Horde mode.
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