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Originally Posted by [Waggly Bean] View Post
No, not finished it yet. Got 5/8 achievements I think, but only played it through twice so far. It's kind of entertaining, but I don't want to play it over and over. And yes it does take some practise to be able to complete it. At the moment I haven't been able to get through the first stage with no damage, so the max integrity achievement is going to be a bit of a pain...

Glad to hear Micro Labs is in the app, thanks for the confirmation!

Oh and the blades were pretty well organised, but then again you didn't have the variation of releases back then - it was pretty much just retail discs, XBLA and demos as I remember. No apps, no kinect, no Indie games..
Hey no problem, I noticed you were from the UK, and I'm from the states. Hopefully you will find MicroLabs in the Kinect Fun Labs app itself. I'd be surprised if there was a descrepency based on region.

Now I have another problem, I deleted all my apps and redownloaded them, just to see if it would make the dashboard run a little faster (It didn't) but now "Video Kinect" isn't showing up under "My Apps" anymore! They need to fix this because right now I can only access it from under "Browse Apps".

Weird huh?
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