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In Mission 5, steal a Wraith and use it to kill at least four enemy Wraiths on Heroic or harder.

Campaign Mission 5 'Reclaimer' specific. Online not required. Must be obtained on Heroic+.
Use 'Mission Select' after initial Campaign playthrough if missed.

The easiest way to steal a Wraith is to kill the gunner from a safe distance, and emp blast it with the charged Plasma Pistol shot (hold and release). While it is temporary disabled, you must go along side it press to steal it. Make sure you are Holding to 'Operate Plasma Cannon'. This will kick out the 'Wraith Operator' and you must shoot him. Then you can Hold along side it to 'Operate Wraith'.
Now use it to destroy 4 other Wraiths. The trick is to keep moving & dodging the enemy Wraith's plasma attack while staying a safe distance from them, especially their short/mid ranged gunner's attack. There are a total of 8 Wraiths in the level.

There is a few things wrong with this

1.) after you plasma lock the wraith you need to hijack it by being directly over the gunner seat. Or else you will only be able to plasma grenade destroy it, or tear it apart.

2.) the totals are random. On my legendary solo run there were 13-14. 2 when they first appear, 1 at the first barrier, 4 when you have to destroy the ship, 6-7 at the very end of the level. On my legendary co-op playthrough there was only 11. 1 in the first time you see them, 1 at the barrier, 3 at the ship, 6 at the end.
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