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Talking Achievement Guide for 'Tower of Babble'

This is a step-by-step guide to how we got this achievement last night.

Step 1- kill all of the zombies and build the turbines ( you have one each) when round 2 starts go to the diner.

Step 2- keep opening the box until you have the EMP. If you don't get the EMP and the box gets the teddy the host must restart and rinse and repeat until a player gets the EMP. Make sure to keep one zombie alive!

Step 3- once you have the EMP got to the power room. You might need to do another round, depending on what you have in weapons from the box. If players have crap weapons you might need to go another round until you have the AKU off of the shed wall (1200 points) if more rounds are needed then still remember to keep a zombie alive. ALL 4 PLAYERS DO NOT NEED TO TURN POWER ON, one can stay upstairs with the zombie.

Step 4- so by keeping the zombie alive you should now be on round 3 or 4 with a good selection of weapons and someone with the EMP. From the power room head left to the cornfield by defeating little zombies that attach to your head, be careful not to kill the main zombie as he just respawns. Find the entrance to the cornfield, once in its left, then right, then left to get to the pile-on. Wait for all 4 players to kill the zombie.

Step 5- keep on doing the rounds until the electric zombie appears. Once he appears wait until he's under the pile-on, 2 players place their turbines and player with the EMP kills the electric zombie while his body is showing. (YOU CANNOT KILL HIM WITH KNIVES!! This method doesn't work!)
Remember to keep killing surrounding zombies as they will attack your turbines! Keep a zombie alive at the end, not a crawler as they just bleed out after 6 minutes. ( if you're quick a crawler may work though)

Step 6- THIS BIT A LOT OF PEOPLE GET WRONG... If two players turbines break YOU DON'T NEED TO GET ANOTHER ONE!! The people who's turbines broke can stay in the cornfield with the zombie, the other 2 players head back to the power room. You will notice if you've done it right the lamp posts will be flickering and dust particles come off of them. Wait for the bus, one heads to the bus depo, gets off and waits by the lamp post. The other player goes to the diner (next stop) exit the bus by the BACK door, pay for the cafe doors and head for the lamp post by the truck. Both players next to lamp posts now place their turbines on the floor and the achievement should unlock!
You do not need to place anymore by the pile-on as this was already done.

Special thanks for helping me get this achievement to Grohlvana, Shroom universe and The Luigi Vampa

I hope this helps, this is 100% accurate to how we did it. The electric zombie spawns at random points.
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