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Boston Brawlers

How do you get invited? Use your bare hands and knock someone out.

Boston Brawlers Tier 1

Disarm 5 enemies: Have your bare hands equipped. When you get the counter indicator, choose the prompt that says "disarm".

Kill 5 enemies affected by a Smoke Bomb within 10 seconds: This can be a bit more difficult. Find some marching enemies and while not detected, throw the bomb at them. Kill 2 then drop another one on the ground. Kill 2 more, then drop another to kill the last (to be safe). You can string the bombs to keep them coughing. Just remember, you cannot get instant kills if they know you are around!

Stealth Kill 10 enemies: This will happen often in this game. Kill an enemy not aware of you.

Kill 25 enemies with the hidden blade: Have your hidden blade equipped for your kills. Easy enough.

Kill 10 Officers: These enemies are more difficult and can counter you. You will kill more than enough in your missions.

Achieve a 5-enemy Kill Streak: To achieve this you must link together kills. Once you have obtained a kill, highlight another enemy and just press to one shot them. You should do this against regular enemies and not anything that counters you.

Boston Brawlers Tier 2

Fight and kill 10 Grenadiers: These guys normally have axes and kilts. Press to throw them then attack them. Straight on attacks and counters will not work.

Kill an enemy with every type of weapon: Hidden Blade, Small, Normal, Blunt, Pistol, Musket, Poison Dart, Bow, Rope Dart, Trip Mine.

Perform 5 Double Assassinations
: A double assassination happens when you kill 2 enemies at at a time. Dropping down on two close to each other is the easiest way.

Have your Recruits assist Connor in combat 10 times: Once you gain assassin help, just pres to have them help you. There is a timer before you can use them again.

Liberate 3 Forts: You will find these forts as you explore the maps. They all must be liberated anyways for your DNA tracker. They are red. Sneak into one and it will explain what to do from there.

Boston Brawlers Tier 3

Achieve a 7 Enemy Kill Streak: This can be somewhat difficult, but you will battle a lot of enemies at once quite frequently. It's the same as the 5 streak, except 2 more enemies.

Use the Rope Dart to perform a predator move 5 times: To perform a predator move, you must be on a tree branch. When the enemy is below you, use the rope dart but hold . Once the enemy is hanging, go ahead and move your control stick to jump off the tree, hanging him.

Own every weapon available in the stores: You will need a lot of money for this. Buy every weapon from all weapon categories.

Disarm and kill 10 Jagers with their own weapons: There is an achievement related to doing this ten times. Must have your bare hands and disarm them when prompted, then kill them with the weapon you have taken. Easiest place to find them is Sequence 5 Memory 3.

Defend yourself from a firing line 10 times with a human shield: Whenever enemies are about to fire on you, you can press on a highlighted nearby enemy to use them as a shield. This happens randomly as well as in missions. In fact, one of the early missions give you a tutorial on it, so just restart your checkpoint after each success.


How do you get invited? Reveal a large amount of area on maps.

Frontiersman Tier 1

Perform 10 Leaps of Faith: A leap of faith is when you are high up, and leap into a dive and fall into leaves or hay. You will likely do this on accident up to 10 times anyways. You can get them easily at viewpoints.

Reach 5 Viewpoints: These are the bird looking icons you get to and climb up. Once at the top you can sync and reveal areas of the map.

Discover 5 Underground Network Entrances: You must gain all of these anyways. The icon that has a arrow going down is part of the network. They are your fast travels. Go underground and run around to find the doors leading out. Finding them all can take a long time.

Discover the locations of all the forts: As you reveal more and more of the map, you will find all of the forts which are red icons that look like towers.

Explore the canopy by traveling 100 meters: You will get this without trying, this game loves having you run aimlessly around.

Collect 5 feathers: You can buy a map for the feathers in a general store. You must obtain them all for 100% DNA tracker.

Frontiersman Tier 2

Dive into the water from a height of 50 meters: In the Frontier, at Diamond Basin area, there is a very large mass of water. On the East Side, you can jump from the top to get this.

Complete an Almanac
: There are flying pages around the cities you must collect. You must collect them all anyways and can buy a map to find them at the general store.

Climb a total of 1,500 meters
: Like this is a challenge, specifically when the game makes you do this over and over. If you aren't running, you're climbing!

Discover the location of every Trading Post
: These are the general stores. There are 3 per area (Boston, New York, Frontier). You have to get close enough to the door to discover them and place them on your map.

Boston Stores

New York Stores

Frontier Stores

Listen to all of Washington's conversation
: This one is extremely frustrating but doable. On Sequence 9 Mission 1, you can speak with him. Listen to the whole conversation. Keep talking to him over and over if you can. After you complete the main story, you can find him in New York (his icon is shown and easily found). Listen to him there too. If he wants to play the Bowls game, then you have done enough here. If you still have not met the needs of challenge, replay the sequence mentioned and keep listening.

Frontiersman Tier 3

Reveal all of Boston's Map: You only have to reveal about 90% of the map. Just run around until you meet the challenge. Can take some time here.

Reveal all of the New York's Map: You only have to reveal about 90% of the map. Just run around until you meet the challenge. Can take some time here.

Reveal the whole Frontier Map: You only have to reveal about 90% of the map. Just run around until you meet the challenge. Can take some time here.

Reach all the Viewpoints: Find all of these. Luckily they are marked on your map. Unluckily some are extremely annoying to get to and you may jump to your death because of the poor game mechanics.

Discover all of the Underground Network Entrance in New York and Boston: These are obtained underground at the fast travels that have an arrow pointing down. You must travel through dark corridors with a lantern. Once you get to the doors, you must either pick the lock, turn a set of 4 locks, or solve a puzzle involving a projector. All very easy, it's getting to them that's the problem. This will take you hours!

Boston Underground

New York Underground

Visit every tavern in the Frontier, New York and Boston
: These taverns are not on the map but at the same time, they are. Whenever you see the dice icon, the icon for your liberation contact, or even some club missions, then you will go inside the tavern. You should get this without trying as long as you are doing all of the missions.
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