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Originally Posted by Darth Maleval View Post
Holy Crap! I've never been so overrun with enemies as in Spartan Ops Episode 3. Chapters 3 and 4 on Valhalla are insane! Nothing like a dozen hunters at a time plus many elites and 4 or 5 banshees at a time.

Just when you think you've cleared the area....two more phantoms come in with a whole new barrage of enemies.

I did Legendary Solo and it kicked my ass! Good thing for the infinite spawns.

Still fun though!
Haha you aren't alone, solo legendary'd it myself, was totally bonkers but heaps of fun. Who would have thought from playing multiplayer that a single mantis pwns 6 hunters/6 phantoms/12 banshees & a wraith.

Loved the introduction cutscene again, its telling a fantastic sub story.
Originally Posted by Dr Cathrine 'War Criminal' Halsey
"first we taught them to be silent, then we taught them to be spartans..."
Just makes you feel Halo 4 as package is pretty damn impressive, so glad I bought the LE 343i have made drab winter Mondays heaps of fun.
P.S. heres this weeks RVB easter egg...
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