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Why couldn't you have made this guide a bit sooner! This would have came in handy a day or two ago, argh. Anyway, very nice guide.A few things:
Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Skin 10 animals: When you kill an animal, skin it by holding next to the body.
It's the button to skin and you simply press it not hold it.
Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Complete the hunting map: Check out THIS THREAD for discussion. Thanks to Ceromorth for the below information.
This playlist is amazing for completing the hunting map:
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Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times: These dogs are usually guarding chests or near some enemies. They can be somewhat hard to find when you really want them. You can lure the same dog all 3 times for this. You must use bait away from their post.
THE absolute best place to do this is the frontier in Monmouth, near the general store. There is always a captain class enemy walking a dog.
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Win 500 by playing minigames: You must play any of the 3 mini games and bet money to win money. Whatever you bet is what you earn if you win. Always bet 100 and likely you will be playing Bowls. You can do this in the Homestead area. It can take many rounds to actually win.
By far the easiest method would be to play 9 Men's Morris in a New York tavern (since the A.I. there is intermediate rather than expert) with this program:
"You know, if you have the aptitude, you should join the Mage's College in Winterhold."
*Has Aptitude. Joins Mage's college*
"You know, if you..."
*Becomes Arch-Mage of Mage's college*
"You know..."
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