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So far I like what I see. I haven't started playing yet, but I see what maps we're playing on. I like that Quarry is the one they're returning us to. That's been my favorite level so far (and I really hope the Gauss 'Hog is back again.)

I like that they're using Multiplayer maps as well. A little tired of it from multiplayer, but I imagine playing it against Covenant will be a whole new experience (and it will be nice having a tactical knowledge of the battlefield in advance.) I'm a little disappointed they re-used it twice in the same episode, not to mention twice in a row.

As for the Cutscene, absoultely gorgeous as usual. Excited to see Dr. Halsey return, though it still pains me to see the way she's being treated. I guess every War has it's victims though. Just sad to see how they treat the woman that saved the Human Race from existence. I am glad, however, to see that the Covenant are still playing a role since they were extremely overlooked in the Campaign. It looks like they're playing off of the first terminal and taking advantage of the Traviss Trilogy, so I'm hoping to see Kilo-Five show up in one of the next few episodes. It's actually kind of intimidating that the Covenant know how to effectively use Forerunner technology to this level. They warped a scientist out of the ship and I imagine they could probably use it to warp into it just as easily (I get the feeling the Infinity will be a level in a later episode. Wonder if it'll be original or if they'll re-use portions of the Campaign on it.)
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