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Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
Ah damn I was gonna do a guide for this game too since I did one for the first two in the series but you beat me to it. Not enough free time recently, unfortunately.

Good guide so far. A couple things to add:

- both achievements you list as missable can be gotten not only by replaying the story on a different difficulty, but worst case, you can "erase all" to erase your status on the story missions and start from scratch. I realize that would require you to fail 3 times at getting both of those achievements, but it might be worth noting.
- for unlocking outfits, the unlock order seems to be:
Level 1-10 - DCI outfits
Level 11-20 - Crew Look outfits
Level 21-30 - DC Class outfits
So in theory you should have to reach level 30 to get the Walk In Closet achievement, but mine unlocked early at level 23.

Also you might want to include in your Walk In Closet description that you need 60 stars per level. It will make it easier for people to get a grasp of how much they'll have to play.

I will add more as I read through your guide more, and try to find more stuff to better it. Great work so far.
You beat me to DC2, so it's only fair . I can even show you the guide that I had half written on my computer when you posted yours.

Actually, the amount of stars required for the next level varies. I originally had it at 60, since the majority of the levels take 60 stars, but it is not universal, particularly in the later levels. Also, would not the unlockable characters like the Ninja Crew and the different looks for D-Cypher also count for Walk-in Closet in theory?

I was not aware of the erase status option, though. I would still call the two achievements technically missable, though. It is difficult, mostly because I'm pretty sure everyone has a vague idea abot the Macarena, but you could miss them in theory. And when a game has a long achievement like Really Nice Moves, I would generally not recommend messing around with something called "erase all."
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