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Originally Posted by tripleb2k View Post
Pyro Pete's Bar - Bar Brawl Tier 3 seems to be what people are suggesting. I've gone through that battle 10 times and have 4 picture so far. It's not perfect but there's a lot of Badasses in there that drop pictures. You'll also get a ton of Tokens too.

WARNING though - I've seen my money stolen by Rat Thieves and disappear. I kill them and I see my money fall through the floor!! $200k just gone. I know it's not difficult to make money in this game but to see $200k disappear is heartbreaking in any game :P. I've lost about $400K now because of that glitch so becareful... (I hope it only affects me and not a majority).
You don't even have to activate the Bar Brawl mission. Just go into the bar and start killing, the enemies respawn for quite awhile and when they stop just save and reload. I lost millions from those Rat Thieves also, so stupid. I went through a couple times before I saw this and at one point I looked at my money and I only had around 600K, when I started today I had about 8 million. A couple of million were lost from dying (drove right off into the open desert exploring what looks explorable only to get blown up) and the rest I guess the Rat Thieves are buying drinks with.

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
My last achievement and I'm at 13/10 pictures now, still nothing. Lame ass DLC!
Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Alright finally got the achievement with 15 collected pictures and yeah I also farmed at the Pyro Pete's Bar!
My achievement didn't unlock until well after ten, maybe it was fifteen but it felt even higher. I stopped counting when I knew it was wrong. It's good to see the idiots making this DLC haven't learned a single thing from the glitched collectables in the Robot Revolution DLC. It would have been nice to have a counter in the list of area challenges.

I still haven't beat Pete The Invincible, I ran out of ammo and got tired of running around. It wasn't a case of difficulty but I was tired and wasn't going to run circles around him for another half hour picking at the ammo boxes. He seems better balanced than the last raid bosses.

I only have a couple good things to say about this forgettable piece of content. The new vending machines look cool and it's nice to be able to buy some legendaries from them and I like that the new tokens are reasonably obtainable. I ended up with 587 tokens by the end of my grind. There were a couple of standout envoironments but the majority of this thing felt pretty phoned in.

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