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I just bought the game. I love most ninja games. Not too keen on qte's but I like the fact this game lets you replay them instead of restarting the mission.

But still I get to the window and no qte. I've tried restarting the level last count 18 times. I've used ninja vision and I've tried without. I've even gotten so far as to have the floor look like it hasn't fallen yet I fall through it. And this is not the first glitch.

Twice when I fell down the broken floor I also fell through a grassy ground before it even registered I died. And that's just that part. Before that I encountered a glitch where the big ugly boss froze. Easy kill! But when his health went to zero he didn't die.

Now I know software is not well known and glitches are expected in every game. But seriously. I am wondering if its worth fighting my way through the glitches. Seems like the game is only glitches.

Like hello. It's not the first gen game for the console. And there wasn't a big demand for the game to come out either. Lazy stupid idiots couldn't be bothered proofing the game or the company is too much of a tightass to pay someone to do it.

I'm very disappointed! Microsoft should be ashamed to have thier name on the game. And after all complaints and yrs of time since the games release no update to fix this?? This is one game I'm more then happy to smash with a hammer!
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