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Mission 2 - The King of Chinatown

Mastery - The King of Chinatown: This is for completing all below challenges.

Chameleon: The chef's disguise is in the very North of the area, in a knapsack. The police are everywhere. There is one drug dealer and he is in the apartment on the East (or walks out to meet with the target in the central location). He also visits a drug stash down some stairs near the right as you come out of the market. To get the SWAT team outfit you will need to kill people and have them called in. The best location is to run into the apartment building where the drug dealer is and start killing people through the window with the sniper. You can then hide out there and wait for enemies to come to you.

Evidence Collector: Fine the evidence.

Evidence 1: There are 3 police guarding a central area where your target is. The target leaves for various reasons. To grab it, you will need to get into a disguise. Using the Chef as a disguise works best. Just go North of the target's location to find 2 chefs in their own little area. Sneak in the right part and grab the disguise from the knapsack. Now you can grab the evidence.

Infiltrator: Grab the poison explained in the Master Poisoner challenge. Go North and get in the chef disguise, then poison the coffee where the target normally stands (while he is away). Now just exit when he dies. You can do this many ways of course.

Suit Only: Complete the level without using a disguise. One of your best chances is poisoning the drugs down by the dumpster. Use the method described in Master Poisoner below.

Kaboom: See Controlled Demolition Challenge below.

A Killing View: The right area has an apartment with a sniper in it. Kill the target with the sniper. See Two for the Price of One Challenge.

Controlled Demolition: When you enter the market area, to the left is a left car in an alley. Throw the bottle to distract the police, then subdue. Dump in the garbage can to keep him safe. Up the stairs in the alley is some explosives. Put them by the car, then trigger the alarm. Walk away enough to be a safe distance. When the target comes to check his car, trigger the explosives.

Man Down: After waiting a little bit, the target will move towards some chefs near the back area of the market. He will stand next to an obviously dangerous situation and you can push him down. You will likely be seen doing this, however.

Drop Dead: Near the exit, there is a pallet. The target will eventually go pee in the corner there and as he walks under it, shoot the chain with your pistol. A safe place to shoot is from a small fenced garbage area nearby.

Two for the Price of One: You will need the sniper rifle for this challenge. Get to the drug dealer's apartment on the right side of the area. You can use the electric box on the right to distract the cop, then hide until the drug dealer leaves. Grab the sniper in his room, then wait until both are lined up for a one shot kill (killing both of them with one bullet).

Clean Sweep:The evidence is in the central location where the target starts. You must use a disguise to get it. As long as you follow the Infiltrator challenge, you should get Clean Sweep as well.

Don't Do Drugs: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Hot Coffee: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Let's Do Lunch: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Master Poisoner: You must obtain the poison first before you can do any of these challenges. The poison is in the form of fish. You need to find it which is on the right side of the market. There is a lady with a red apron and behind her is the poison Wait until she turns her back and quickly grab it. There are 3 places to poison. One is where you first see the target (this is by the dossier). Place the poison in his coffee. Another area is the North area where there are 2 chefs. There is some food you can poison where he walks to and eats. The last thing you can poison is drugs. On the East side of the area there is an apartment you can go into which has a sniper rifle at the top as well as drugs on the counter. Poison the drugs (likely will need a disguise up here, maybe even as the drug dealer). Another location for the drugs is down some stairs near some dumpsters to the right, sort of close to where you enter the market. If you hide down here, the drug dealer will come by. You can poison the drugs here too and he will take them to the target.

Quid Pro Quo: Complete the mission.

Veiled Death - Part 1: You must kill the drug dealer while wearing a police uniform, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Go to the apartment alley on the right side after entering the market area. You can distract the cop by sabotaging the power. As he walks by, subdue him quickly and hide the body. Kill the drug dealer before he leaves, or wait until he comes back later.

Veiled Death - Part 2
: You must kill the target while wearing the drug dealer's outfit, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Veiled Death Part 1 must be completed first. This time, spare the cop and sneak in. Subdue the drug dealer and take his disguise. Go to the middle area and meet with the target, and you two can walk back to the apartment. Take him out on the way and hide him, then exit.
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