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Originally Posted by Fechdog View Post
I'm guessing not a lot of people know that the Yoink medals have been taken out in H4.
I know Yoink is gone, however the practice is sadly still around.

Even in Reach they were the epitome of stupid game design.

"Let's reward a player with a medal for stealing a kill that is the most difficult to pull off in online multiplayer." How Bungie thought Yoink was a good idea is beyond me, and 343i easily could've made it so nobody could damage an assassinee.

Of course with Yoink gone, it's now fully the player's choice to be pathetic or not. Nothing else grinds my gears as much as yoinking.
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fact is you just got burned and the only little bitch that stuck up for you is a talking banana who doesn't know the difference between punctuation and spelling.
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