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Originally Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage View Post
I know Yoink is gone, however the practice is sadly still around.

Even in Reach they were the epitome of stupid game design.

"Let's reward a player with a medal for stealing a kill that is the most difficult to pull off in online multiplayer." How Bungie thought Yoink was a good idea is beyond me, and 343i easily could've made it so nobody could damage an assassinee.

Of course with Yoink gone, it's now fully the player's choice to be pathetic or not. Nothing else grinds my gears as much as yoinking.
I'm gonna go ahead and play devil's advocate for a moment here. Your teammate is shooting an opponent, the opponent is backing away from him. You come up behind the opponent and start an assassination. From your teammate's perspective, you're stealing his kill. So he keeps shooting and kills him, thus depriving you of your assassination kill steal.

Don't get me wrong, I hate starting an assassination and ending up with an assist too. But shit happens - people throw grenades, rockets go off, the person they were dueling melees, etc. And as mad as you seem to be about it happening, if they had made it so no one could damage a person mid assassination there'd be people just as pissed about that.
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