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Originally Posted by ReverendSID View Post
I'm gonna go ahead and play devil's advocate for a moment here. Your teammate is shooting an opponent, the opponent is backing away from him. You come up behind the opponent and start an assassination. From your teammate's perspective, you're stealing his kill. So he keeps shooting and kills him, thus depriving you of your assassination kill steal.

Don't get me wrong, I hate starting an assassination and ending up with an assist too. But shit happens - people throw grenades, rockets go off, the person they were dueling melees, etc. And as mad as you seem to be about it happening, if they had made it so no one could damage a person mid assassination there'd be people just as pissed about that.
If you assassinate/are assassinating a person that someone else has already engaged in combat and/or just about to kill them then by all means they should continue to engage and get their kill. I wouldn't consider that to be a yoink, that would be fair play.

It's when people intentionally decide to deprive you of your assassination that really gets me. Why should I go to the trouble of assassinating someone and spend an extra 2-3 seconds in an animation that is endangering my own life, only for someone to purposefully steal that kill. I know that 'cheapness' is hardly an excuse when it comes to online gaming - you do what you can to win within the limits of the game. I'm going to use the Sword Base camping as an example - it's damn annoying but super effective; however even as a means to get that one extra kill, yoinking only promotes the sort of gameplay that can split teams.

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fact is you just got burned and the only little bitch that stuck up for you is a talking banana who doesn't know the difference between punctuation and spelling.
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