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Also as devils advocate. I've seen my son deliberately going for all assassinations totally oblivious to his team. Instead of joining fight he assassinates letting a teammate die while trying to get a kill. There are times where he is legit about it but he was crying one match getting yoinked a couple of times and I pointed out like ReverendSID, they were engaged first, and the whole if I saw you appear on my death screen I'd yoink you a couple times for not playing as a teammate and letting teammates die because you want an assassination.

My bitch was how absolute laggy/ glitchy WARGAMES was at one point last night.

I was having a great couple matches of SWAT, I didn't always win but with out the radar, I was able to even odds and not be the bottom of the list. Won a descent amount of games, pulling off multi kills, doing well then next match (after 5) all if sudden the red team can just absorb bullets to the head. (eating them like they are good bacon.

I pulled off some kills as they were jumping off a structure, but after hit it would rewind up and then fast forward back and then he shot me from ground and I died.

It was almost like the physics of the game work different for them.
It was an extremely fustrating game.

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