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Originally Posted by LolipopGuild View Post
You do NOT need the EMP, but it is the easiest way to kill the electric zombie. The galvaknuckles are probably more useful for this, especially since they help when running to the cornfield.

Also, there is a way to force the electric zombie to appear, instead of waiting for it like this guide suggests.
-Turn the power on (and then turn it off)
-Wait until it is storming directly above you (I think the storm rotates throughout the entire map)
-Kill the last zombie to end the round WHILE it is storming
-The next round should start WITH an electric zombie near you (We tried this 3 straight times last night, only getting to round 3 or 4, and an electric zombie appeared every time)
^ This. I mentioned this in a thread that is now buried sadly. It really needs to be mentioned in one of the guides somewhere. A lot of people still think he shows up randomly.

Are you sure you don't need the EMP specifically for the Tower of Babble achievement? Can anyone confirm this? If you don't, I'll just knife the guy 4 times. Hell, even on round 15 with 3 players I knifed him 4 times and he died. You don't need anything special to kill this guy. Just survive the wave with a crawler and you're golden.
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