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You Will Be Ace 10
You Will Be Ace

Multiplayer related.

You will need to kill four enemy planes in a versus mode in order to unlock this achievement. Note that AI do not count toward this tally and that it has to be done against human players.

Good Start 40
Receive 5 medals

Multiplayer related.

Medals are awarded in versus mode. They can also be won against human as well as bot opponents. The following are possibly the easiest five medals:
  • Great Britain - France and Germany Star
    Win 10 versus missions on the Ruhr map.
  • Great Britain - War Medal 1939-1945
    Win 5 versus missions.
  • Japan - Order of Military Merit
    Win 10 versus missions.
  • Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
    Win 10 versus missions.
  • Good Conduct Medal
    Win 5 versus missions.

Brave Spirit 30
Win a battle against superior forces in Versus mode.

Multiplayer related.

For this achievement to unlock you need to finish a versus game against a team with more human players than your team has.

Leader 30
Win a battle in Versus mode as the leader.

Multiplayer related.

This is essentially the same as saying win a match as host. You need to create a lobby and must beat at least one other human player for the win.

Rookie 10
Earn the second rank.

See "Half-Way."

Combat Pilot 40
Earn the fifth rank.

See "Half-Way."

Half-Way 20
Earn the tenth rank.

Everything you do both offline and online contribute to your rank. The higher the difficultly the more exp you will net, if playing online, killing human players opposed to bots will yield more exp, ect.

Preparing 20
Complete the Pre-War chapter.

The Pre-War chapter is simply the tutorial that is absolutely necessary to learn the dynamics of the game. Once you land on the aircraft carrier the mission is over and the achievement pops.

To The Far East 50
Complete the American Historical campaign.

Story related. See "Winner."

From The Far East 50
Complete the Japanese Historical campaign.

Story related. See "Winner."

Pearl Harbor 20
Complete the Japanese chapter "Attack on Pearl Harbor".

Story related. See "Winner."

Wake Island 20
Complete the American chapter "Battle of Wake Island".

Story related. See "Winner."

Midway Atoll 20
Complete the Japanese chapter "Battle of Midway".

Story related. See "Winner."

The Coral Sea 20
Complete the American chapter "Battle of the Coral Sea".

Story related. See "Winner."

Guadalcanal 20
Complete the Japanese chapter "Guadalcanal Campaign".

Story related. See "Winner."

Winner 20
Complete any Dynamic campaign

Story related. This is awarded for completing either dynamic campaign. The above achievements are linked to the Japanese and American dynamic campaigns. You should complete both for max exp since rank 10 requires quite a bit of experience.
Some quick advise from Merch:
"It's basically a series of sets of missions in a certain area. There's a couple of thing to note about it: you can only use planes you have unlocked in the hanger, and each mission requires a specific plane. Also if you die you will have to pay to respawn. That said this is the best place outside of versus to gain credits and exp.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to set the year to 1939 so you can use the free default plane, and set it to three wins for victory. I'd recommend the Soviets here since have the best starter plane."

Malta 20
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Siege of Malta".

Story related. See "New Guinea."

Kuban 20
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle for the Kuban".

Story related. See "New Guinea."

Ruhr 20
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle of Ruhr".

Story related. See "New Guinea."

New Guinea 20
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "New Guinea Campaign".

Story related. Single missions are different than dynamic campaigns. Each one of the achievements above is a fairly straightforward mission and upon the completion of each comes the achievement. New Guinea simply requires doing one of the missions from the "New Guinea Campaign."

It Was Easy 20
Land on an aircraft carrier.

You should get this achievement on the fourth mission of the tutorial during which you are told to land on the aircraft carrier. If you fail your first time to land on the aircraft carrier you must restart the mission. It will not count for the achievement if you land a second time after failing. Note that this achievement appears to be glitchy as some report to reloading after failing and still unlocking it while others have to replay the entire mission.

The Italian 20
Fly in each Italian plane.

Here's how we get to the planes:
From the main menu press to get to the hangar then keep scrolling with either or until you get to "Germany." All you need to do is start a test flight with the planes on the left hand side of the plane tree. They are as follows with pictures credited to why2cj. Note that you must be at least Rank 9 to fly all the Italian planes.

CR.42 Falco - Rank 0

G.50 Seria 2 - Rank 1

G.50 Seria 7AS - Rank 2

M.C.200 Serie 3 - Rank 4

M.C.200 Serie 7 - Rank 5

M.C.202 - Rank 9

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