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The Australian 20
Fly in each Australian plane.

Here's how we get to the planes:
From the main menu press to get to the hangar then keep scrolling with either or until you get to "Britain." All you need to do is start a test flight with the planes on the right hand side of the plane tree. They are as follows with pictures credited to why2cj. Note that you must be at least Rank 9 to fly all the Australian planes.

Boomerang Mk I - Rank 3

Boomerang Mk II - Rank 4

Wirraway - Rank 5

Beaufighter Mk 21 - Rank 7

Beaufort Mk VIII - Rank 9

Choose Your Favorite 30
Fly in one of each country's planes.

Go to Missions and then to Single Missions and choose a Campaign. Here is the breakdown per campaign.

Eastern Front Campaign:
  • Germany
  • Russia
Mediterranean Theater Campaign:
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
Pacific Ocean Theater:
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • USA
Western Front Campaign:
  • Germany
  • United States

Simply play one mission with each of the seven (7) countries and on your final country the achievement will unlock.

Make a Flight 30
Complete any mission in CO-OP mode

Co-op mode can be found in the multiplayer/versus menus. All you need to do is grab one friend or one online partner and simply complete a mission together. Note that this has also been confirmed unlocked after completing a single mission solo.

New Skin 30
Earn any skin for your plane

For each unlocked plane you are able to unlock a different skin for it. Aside from costing credits for the planes, you will also need to beat a challenge for that specific plane to unlock the extra skin.

Here's a pretty easy combo of plane price and challenge difficulty:

Amass 7,800 credits and then head over to the Hangar and buy the USSR IL-2. It's challenge is to kill 30 ground units in versus. Let's set it up:

Versus - Create Session - Kuban Battlefront Domination.
Unless you have another player with you make sure it is not private.
While in the lobby press to switch sides so you are able to play as the USSR with your starting plane now being the IL-2 since you just bought it.

During the mission you'll fly over the airfield. Make sure you don't get shot down (goes without saying) and destroy as many ground targets as you can. You can kill "X" number and then restart the level as the game will track the kills for you. After you complete the challenge you will be notified about the new skin and will unlock the achievement.

New Decal 30
Earn any decal for your plane

Like skins, decals are awarded by completing certain challenges. Not all challenges give decals and not all challenges for decals are easy. There are two specific ones that take the prize as being the easiest to beat:

Yellow Sun - Winning 5 versus games.

Yellow Lightning - Killing 5 players. (If you chose this challenge you can couple it with "You Will Be Ace" which is awarded for killing four (4) other players.

New Record 50
Destroy 100 planes

This will be natural progression of the game. You should grab this achievement without evening going for it as many of the missions have well over 10+ planes to shoot down. You can always grind this out in versus or other multiplayer modes.

New Weapon 50
Destroy 100 ground units

This one will be a bit harder to accumulate with natural progression unless you are a stickler for killing all enemy targets. If you plan on grinding this one out go to the "Battle for Henderson Field." Kill as many targets as you want and then simply restart the level and allow the game to keep tally for you. If you are curious about how many kills you have go to the start menu and then to your logbook.

First Wave 10
Destroy all vehicles on Wheeler Field in the mission "First Wave".

There are four (4) jeeps roaming around the airfield area. Be careful when you swoop in to kill them as destroying the buildings will trigger the cut scene. Just make sure to use your machine guns.

Second Wave 10
Bomb two different targets by one loadout in the mission "Second Wave".

Bomb two ships! Use your bomb on one ship and wait for it to reload and come around for a different ship. Note that you need to hit the two flashing targets, the other ships DO NOT COUNT. Once your second bomb hits that ship the achievement will unlock. Be sure not to switch planes.

Return to Oahu 10
Make "Touch and Go" on Ford Island in the mission "Return to Oahu".

Ford Island is the small island in the middle of Pearl Harbor. All you need to do is simply land all your wheels on the ground like you are going to land and then simply take right back off.

Survivor 10
Land your damaged aircraft on the airfield in the mission "The Two Against Thirty-Nine".

Simply put by the end of the mission all you need to do is land one of the two available planes and the achievement will pop once you come to a stop.

Second Breath 10
Rearm on the airfield between attacks on hostile ships in the mission "American Counterattack".

Go out and attack one of the cargo ships. Make sure to dump at least one of your bombs. Now turn around and head back toward the airstrip. On simplistic difficulty you will rearm in mid air.

Blitz Attack 10
Destroy 6 enemy bombers before they reach the Wake in the mission "Japanese Raid".

There are a huge number of bombers to destroy. The key though is to hit them where their gunner cannot shoot you from. This is typically the side or diagonal or especially underneath them. Remember to target bombers with flashing locators as the ones with solid red have already made it to the island.

Bombshell 10
Damage destroyer with machine gun fire in the mission "Invasion of Tulagi".

Fairly easy one. You will get the order to open fire on the destroyer. Let your machine guns loose and once the destroyer catches fire you will be told to return to the carrier. You will earn the achievement once you make it to the waypoint. Make sure only to use machine gun fire.

Sentinel 10
Don't let enemy fighters destroy any bomber of your group in the mission "Attack on Lexington".

You have 12 bombers that need to survive making it to the objective. The achievement requires all 12 making it to the objective.

Focus on the fighters that are attacking your bombers directly and allow the other planes to take care of the fighters that sneak by the formation. Remember to play on simplistic difficulty to make this achievement a tad bit easier and more manageable.

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