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Untouchable 10
Don't die in the mission "Shokaku Defense".

There are three distinct waves you need to survive through. Remember this can be done on simplistic difficulty.
First wave is dive bombers. You'll start out above them, but remember in order to render the divers defenseless you need to shoot at them from below where their gunners cannot hit you.
Second wave is torpedo bombers, and you will be incorporating the same technique here of getting below them to kill them.
The third wave is not so much a wave as it is a kill limit. You need to kill four (4) fighters. The problem isn't them messing you up as you should be on simplistic difficulty so much as it is you flying into one thus killing yourself.

Quick Tip:
If your plane has taken a lot of damage hit the button and move to a full health plane. Simple.

Not a Victim 10
Destroy two hostile fighters with the rear gunner in the mission "To Scratch One Flat-top".

This is a fairly easy achievement. Half way to your first waypoint you will be told that Zeros are on your tail. Press to switch to your gunner and mow them down. If you don't get the two (2) kills at this point you will have one more chance later in the mission.

After you torpedo the Japanese ship and are making your way to the waypoint in order to escape Zeros will come down on you again. Again press to be the gunner, and this time around there will be significantly more Zeros, and they will be much closer to your plane.

Eagle-Eyed 10
Find the TF-17 carrier fleet in the "Counterattack" mission.

This achievement is fairly easy. Here's the step-by-step.
  1. Take off.
  2. Meet your leader and complete that objective.
  3. You want to point yourself south-east or for those using the cockpit view about 45 degrees to the right.
  4. You'll see the fleet. Keep flying toward them.
  5. Once they come in range so you can see their type and their red font the achievement will pop.

Hedgehopper 10
Destroy 5 light targets on Midway Island on Simulator difficulty in the "Midway Atoll" mission.

All I can provide you is general tips to make this experience much easier:
  • Have as many planes left as possible because on Simulator difficulty the AA guns will rip you apart.
  • Approach the island from the right hand side to use the natural cover of the map against the AA guns and to your advantage.
  • Look for the cloud smoke to determine where the AA guns are.
  • You can target gun encampments which do not fire back at you as they will count toward the light targets.
  • If you get down to needing one more kill you can always fly your plane into it and grab the last one.

Defender 10
Destroy 3 enemy bombers in each wave on Realistic difficulty in the "First Carrier Fleet" mission.

A quick aside, it has been confirmed for some people that the achievement unlocks after the 2nd wave of bombers, so you may luck out and get it early. We will be using FailedSeppuku's pictures again to bend the rules in order to make this easier:

Thanks to FailedSeppuku for the pictures.

Now let's do the walkthrough:
  1. Obviously we need to take off.
  2. -Note- Best way to shoot down bombers is from below shooting up as they won't be able to hit you. But as you may know, (if you've played the mission before), at the start of each wave you generally start parallel or above the bombers meaning you will need to shift to a lower level. Throughout the waves you must protect the four (4) ships from being destroyed. Always keep this in mind.
  3. Wave 1 has 15 dive bombers. Start out by killing one and circling behind the group and come at them from behind. This wave you should have no problem racking up 6-8 kills as they are bunched together in such a way that sweeping runs will ruin their ranks, let alone the fact that the flank guns on the ships decimate them.
  4. Wave 2 has 15 torpedo bombers and is easily the hardest to get the kills on. It's advised that you have a full cannon ready to go for this wave. Aim yourself toward the back of the pack and begin to let the cannons rip working your way behind the pack. Once you are out of cannons simply swap planes, don't waste time trying to gun them down.
  5. Wave 3 has 15 dive bombers and 12 torpedo bombers. With so many targets you simply have to kill three (3) so go straight for the dive bombers which are on the same level as you. Right when you hit that third kill the achievement will pop.

Way of the Sun 10
Complete the 1st secondary mission objective in the "Fate of Hiryu" mission.

Start the mission and proceed through it like you would with any other mission. The wing commander will then announce to the group that they should do what they did this morning. The secondary objective will pop up and a yellow circle will appear. Fly to this new marker and when you reach it the achievement will pop. Be weary of impending zeros.

Formation Keeper 10
Stay near the flight leader all the way to the enemy fleet in the "American Strike" mission.

After you take off you will be behind the group. Make your you get into the middle of the formation. From this point just stick in the location through the duration of the flight. The achievement will pop until you reach the checkpoint.

One of a Few 10
Land on the Zuikaku at the end of the "Battle of South Pacific" mission on Realistic difficulty.

The more planes you save during the mission the more chances you have to land on the ship when the secondary objective arises. We will be using FailedSeppuku's pictures again to bend the rules in order to make this easier:

Thanks to FailedSeppuku for the pictures.

When the second objective arises and you are tasked with landing on the carrier drop the engine's power to 80% at a mile and a half away. As you get closer begin to drop it more and more and by the time you are ~750m out bring it down to 30%. Deploy the airbreaks shortly before landing. The ideal speed to land at is 80mph.

If you don't think you will land successfully speed up and take off for another pass.

Fast and Furious 10
Complete the first objective in less than 5 minutes in the "Tulagi Landing" mission.

This achievement/mission is another step-by-step one:
  1. Your first objective marker. Fly to the right of it thus sparking a cutscene showing some zeros down in the water.
  2. *The achievement is tested with your killing of the zeros.* You need to destroy three (3) to start and then another six (6) within a five (5) minute time span.
  3. Ignore everything but the objective planes as it will tremendously cut down on your time.
  4. After the original set of planes you will be given another waypoint and another set of six (6) planes to destroy.
  5. Start with your lead plane and then move to your other planes in order to save time.

Total Annihilation 10
Destroy at least 20 enemy bombers in the "Battle of the Santa Cruz" mission.

During the mission there are well over 20 enemy bombers flying in the skies. The key to success here is to attack them from the back or from the side. I recommend doing this on the easiest difficultly which should make the process a bit easier for the less skilled like myself at flight.

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