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Sharp Shooter 10
Destroy 5 enemy planes on Realistic difficulty in the "Battle of the Eastern Solomons" mission.

Confirmed buggy.

Realistic difficulty is fairly tough for the inexperienced flight simulator so we'll need to bend the rules a bit. Set your custom difficultly to this:

Thanks to FailedSeppuku for the pictures.
  1. Take off and head for the waypoint.
  2. As soon as you and the other birds are airborne do a big circle to get behind your bombers. This is the opportune position to do the killing of the five (5) enemy planes.
  3. During your flight stick close to the bombers and really focus your attention to the fighters pestering the bombers and not the ones flying around aimlessly.
  4. Speed is of the essence here. And don't worry about black smoke falling planes, the water will kill them for you.

Killer 10
Kill 15 enemy infantry units in the "Battle for Henderson Field" mission.

There are two ways this can be achieved. You could do the suicide method or the beach strafe method. We'll list them both here:

Suicide Method:
  1. After you take off head directly for the waypoint.
  2. As you begin to approach beach-side throw your plane into a complete dive.
  3. Using the to zoom in you should see a plethora of enemy units down on the beach.
  4. Simply fly your plane into the biggest group of them and you will grab the achievement.

Beach Strafe Method:
  1. Like the suicide method take off and head toward the waypoint.
  2. As you begin to close in on the beach, bank right toward the ocean a good distance.
  3. Now make a U-Turn so you are flying directly above and parallel to the beach.
  4. Now drop your throttle, zoom in on the beach and simply strafe shoot the soldiers on the beach.
  5. The achievement will pop when you kill the last soldier needed for the achievement.

Secret Achievements

Takeoff 20
Take off.

During the tutorial you will find out how to operate your plane. Once you lift it off the ground the achievement will pop.

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