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Let's see my choices where:
  1. Did not remove Lee's arm. Didn't see the point with the amount of time that had passed and Lee was already showing signs of the bite affecting him. 24%
  2. Calmly argued with Kenny. Just thought it would make things worse, plus it was a little hard to argue. 30%
  3. Surrendered all weapons. Considered holding out for a second but thought it would backfire. 64%
  4. Killed the stranger. This I'm a little confused on. According to the stats I killed him but by going by what was said in game I didn't. Lee choked him into unconsciousness but I didn't have him shoot him afterwards. Clementine made a comment about it and Lee just said they where leaving. So Lee beat the stranger without killing him but it's one of those things the game can't differentiate between. 41%
  5. Made sure Lee didn't turn. Even being handcuffed to a radiator or whatever it was I thought it was still a risk so had Clementine shoot Lee. Plus it really was something she'd need to learn to do if she was going to survive with how things are now for her. 66%

Would have loved this to have been longer and was a bit surprised with an achievement popping every couple of minutes. Slight exaggeration but the last three or four where really close together.

Now that I've posted this I'm off to watch the ending, left this at the stat screen just to post this.
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