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Evidence Location Guide (text/video)

There are a total of 45 evidence collectibles. Finding all of them will earn you the Information is Power achievement. They also give you other small awards such as bonus points and instinct. On high difficulties the bonus instinct will come in handy! The evidence is also required to complete the challenges of each level. The "Evidence Collector" challenge keeps track of your progress. You can check it out by clicking on "Unlocks" in the Single Player Menu. After collecting the evidence it will be saved automatically and you can quit the level immediately.
The instinct ability will highlight nearby evidence and makes it easier to find everything.

IMPORTANT: Your challenge progress will not be saved on easy difficulty! The achievement won't unlock either. You have to play on normal or professional.

*click on the linked times to start the YouTube video guide at the point you want.

A Personal Contract

#1 - Cliffside - 0:10
After going over a ledge you will have to disable the security system. In the room of the security system you can find the evidence on a black colored server.

#2 - Mansion Ground Floor - 0:34
In the center of the mansion is a huge room. Look for the evidence on a small round table. There is a flower vase on the table and it's located between two wellness chairs.

The King of Chinatown

#3 - Chinatown Square - 0:55
It's under the circular pavilion where your main target is located. Look on a stone table.


#4 - Terminus Hotel - 1:12
After entering the building look to the right. There is a little room that looks like an exchange office. Look for a video tape inside this room.

#5 - Upper Floors - 1:44
After going up the stairs look for a room with a piano and lots of round tables. Open the door to enter anoter room that has a long table and several weapons inside. The evidence is on the long table between some of the weapons.

Run for Your Life

#6 - The Library - 2:25
This one is in the middle of the first room of the library. Look for it on a wooden table under a sclupture.

#7 - Sangri-La - 2:48
Immediately after entering Shangri-La go through the first room and turn left. You should now be in a room with many plants. Next to some candles is the evidence.

#8 - Train Station - 3:14
After taking the elevator down to the train station you can only go one way and open a door in front of you. You will have to go through a corridor where lots of police guards are standing around. There is only one table to the right. On this table is the evidence.

Hunter and Hunted

#9 - Courtyard - 3:38
After going outside you will see several police cars. On the hood of the police car in the middle is the evidence.

#10 - The Vixen Club - 3:53
After entering the club take out the first two male persons that you see. One of them has a key that is needed to open a door. The door is on the left side of the first corridor. Open it with the key and go up the stairs. The video tape evidence is sitting on the table.

#11 - Derelict Building - 4:28
After entering this area you will see a group of police guards. The evidence is on the floor where the guards are standing.

#12 - Convenience Store - 4:46
When you go through the store look for a counter on the right, next to a table with red balloons. There is an Asian woman standing behind the counter. The video evidence tape is on the counter.

#13 - Loading Area - 5:12
After entering the small Loading Area go straight and through a door on the left. You will now be inside a small office. The evidence is in this office on a table.

#14 - Chinese New Year - 5:30
Keep going into the direction where level 2 started. At the end of the market square is an alleyway to the right. Go past the police guard and you will see the evidence on the street.


#15 - Orphanage Halls - 6:03
After leaving up the elevator you have to climb up a wall. Intead of going straight you need to go to the right and down the stairs. Keep going until you come to the reception. On the front desk is the evidence. There are also some thugs in this room. You might want to take them out first to avoid being spotted.

#16 - Central Heating - 6:28
After entering the dark corridor of the central heating you will see two thugs. The evidence is sitting on a box to the left of the thugs.

Welcome to Hope

#17 - Great Balls of Fire - 6:44
Immediately after this level starts you need to turn right and go into the restroom. Use the small air vent in the left corner of the restroom to reach the secret room with the evidence. The evidence is inside the video recorder.

Birdie's Gift

#18 - Gun Shop - 7:13
First of all you will need to get a special key. This key is on a table behind the sales clerk. Get it and run up the stairs. Drop down to a trench and keep going until you see a door to a bunker. Inside the small bunker is the evidence.

Shaving Lenny

#19 - Streets of Hope - 7:51
From where you start go left and inside a big garage in front of you. Go up the stairs to find the evidence that is sitting on a cupboard.

#20 - Barbershop - 8:21
This one is inside the building where you have to capture Lenny. Look for a big TV on the lower floor. The evidence is on the TV.

Dexter Industries

#21 - Dead End - 8:43
When you see the big gate at the end of the road that says "Dexter Industries" you need to go inside the wooden building to the left. There are some monitors and a video recorder. The evidence is inside the recorder.

#22 - Old Mill - 9:06
After going up the first set of stairs you will see two guards sitting in front of a TV. The evidence is on the TV. The guards will notice you if you don't get rid of them.

#23 - Descent - 9:24
Soon after entering the cave you will have to go through a locked door that requires a security key. After this door you need to go down the stairs and the evidence can be found on a table to the left.

#24 - Factory Compound - 9:41
After leaving the caves and entering the main building (where your next objective is located) you can find this evidence on the front desk. It's pretty much exactly where the objective marker is shown.

Death Facility

#25 - Test Facility - 10:04
When you see the huge bones & skull symbol on the wall you need to go up a ladder on the left corner of the room. Once you reach the upper floor go to the central room and you will find the evidence on a small table near the wall.

#26 - Decontamination - 10:29
Once you enter the room that says "Showers" keep going straight until you find another small room with some guards. The evidence is on small table inside this room.

#27 - R&D - 10:45
After reaching the ground level of this gigantic room you will see some sort of power station and lots of dental chairs. The evidence is behind some monitors near the right wall.

Fight Night

#28 - Patriot's Hangar - 11:02
When the level starts you can see a party bus. Go behind the bus and through the little path between the crates on the right side. Behind all these crates is the evidence.

#29 - The Arena - 11:21
After leaving the cage turn left. You will see a bar. Go through the door behind the bar and up some stairs. On top of the stairs turn right and go into a small room where 3 guards are standing. The evidence is next to the couch.

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