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Attack of the Saints

#30 - Parking - 11:49
After defeating the first two Saints you need to go down the stairs. You will then be in the courtyard. There is a blue car and on a box next to this car is the evidence.

#31 - Reception - 12:07
After leaving the reception you can see a gas station. In front of the gas station are some boxes and on one of these boxes is the evidence.

#32 - Cornfield - 12:26
When reaching the cornfield stay on main path. There are two caravans. Between the caravans are some boxes and on one of these boxes is the evidence.

Skurky's Law

#33 - Courthouse - 12:59
From where the level starts turn around immediately and go into the room that has a sculpture in the center. Keep going left and into the Security Room. Here you will find the evidence on a table.

#34 - Holding Cells - 13:18
The Holding Cells are a very small area. You can only go into one direction. You will come to a metal door with a red warning sign. To progress you actually need to pickpocket this door. Instead of doing so, look for the evidence on one of the tables to the left.

#35 - Prison - 13:41
After opening the prison gate go down a set of stairs and look out for a very small room on the right side of the corridor. It's very dark inside this room, but the evidence is next to a dumpster.

Operation Sledgehammer

#36 - County Jail - 14:04
This one is in the police station office room. Before you exit the building through the big wooden doors, go right and the evidence will on a table in front of a computer monitor.

#37 - Outgunned - 14:26
Take out all attackers and go down the stairs. On a black box in front of an armored, black SWAT vehicle is the evidence.

#38 - Burn - 14:41
You will come to a room that is completely covered by a smoke screen. A lot of wood is stored in this room. Before going to the next section of the building, look for the evidence on a box.

#39 - Hope Fair - 14:58
After going outside lots of people will run away. You will now be in some sort of market square area. Go to the end of this market square and stick to the right side where all the destroyed cars are standing around. The evidence is sitting on some boxes on the right side of the area.

Blackwater Park

#40 - Blackwater Park - 15:17
From where this level starts stick to the right wall and keep running for 1 minute until you reach the end of the road. There is a car and a small guardhouse. Inside the guardhouse is the video tape evidence.

#41 - The Penthouse - 16:05
After entering the Penthouse go left until you reach some sort of exhibition room that has samurai armors and even a dinosaur skeleton. There are lots of guards in this room. Look for a small couch on the left side of the room. On this couch is the evidence.


#42 - Blackwater Roof - 16:37

After going up the stairs go to the end of the area where the helipad (your main objective) can be seen. Enter the room under the helipad to find a special key. Go back to where you came from (but not down the stairs) and and look for the door that needs a key to be opened. In a room behind this door is the evidence.


#43 - Cemetery Entrance - 17:32
After the level starts, jump down the ledge and keep moving down the street. On one of the last stone structures on the right side of the street is the evidence.

#44 - Burnwood Family Tomb - 17:56
After entering this area you will see some ruins in the center of a courtyard. Go past these ruins to find the evidence on some boxes.

#45 - Crematorium - 18:23
The last evidence is on some boxes on top of the Crematorium Hill where you had to eliminate 3 main targets.

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