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Yooooooooooo Omfg dudes. I went to solo this dude after reading this thread. I got into the glitch spot no prob. After a quick minute or two, the guy jumps up there with me, I quickly jump down and run straight across to the other ammo dump.

The guy jumps up and down like he does, but keeps getting stuck, and can't jump down. As he is jumping, he is moving to the left (facing him) towards the giant drain. He gets stuck eventually below the walkway up there.

So I spend like.. literally an hour, shooting this guy and shooting him, get his shield down, get his health down. Kill him. His loot. WHEEEEEEEE goes flying up to the catwalk/walkway things. I'm like.. okay, no problem, I can just get a friend in here who is a commando.. well before he gets in, my game messes up and signs me out of xbox live......

Sending me back to the goddamned title screen.

Get back into game.. none of it counted......

FML -_______-
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