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Originally Posted by Caress Of Death View Post
The way that this fight goes, you basically HAVE to use a bee shield. This guy is a huge damage sponge with massive HP. I hate that the way everything is designed now requires the bee shield because all they're doing to nerf it is make the bosses have insane HP that forces you to still use it. And I'm not complaining because I don't have the bee shield, because I do, I say it for the people who may not have it.
Too bad they're still nerfing the bee on top of this insane boss HP. They are really trying to make it impossible without four players and or a glitch or the bee. Don't see why really. Not everyone wants this kind of challenge.

The best thing coming out of this patch is the de-leveling of the raid bosses of Pirate's Booty in Normal mode so everyone can at least get the achievements. Leave the insanely hard required boss fights for the try-hards.

Originally Posted by WalterWhite View Post
Because over the course of two games Gearbox hasn't made a single good boss fight and they think having the word "invincible" after their names is really cute and funny. My guess to why his name is simply "Pete" is that is the name of one of the three guys who live in a basement somewhere that Gearbox outsourced their DLC to.
I AGREE. [Name] The Invincible was cool back when Crawmerax was the only one with that name.
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