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Im having problems with the Russian Hare achievement (47 headshots). Done it 4 times now fully completing the mission. My statistics with kills from snipers is around 80. It was at 10 before I started attempting this. Im thinking its because im doing it on easy?

EDIT: Right finally got it. I thought slowly holding down was optional. If you dont every kill is counted as a normal headshot, not as a 'precision shot'.

Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post
Here's some worth while info you can add to the 47 headshot achievement.

Gunshop - When you have control of 47, find the power box at the back of the shop. Opposite side to the duck shooting game. Sabotage it then the guard behind the front desk will move.

When its clear, go behind the desk and through the door. Head up the stairs and into the room. Now exit the room via the open balcony door and drop down to the left. Follow the path around until you get into the trenches and can look down the shooting range. In this part is a Sniper Rifle.

Grab it, and climb the ladder and take cover. Now just shoot everyone in the head. Only issue is, if you restart the checkpoint, you have to do this all over again.
I've got a different way of getting to the sniper. No idea if its easier, but its more straight to the point.

Sprint straight to the duck hunt game and on the back wall theres an air vent. Crawl through that into the room with the safe and go out the window. Take cover behind the wooden wall and press to go against the shooting range wall. Then just move your way around and to the back where the sniper is.

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