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Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
If you're going to pin 1, then you pin the original or don't pin either one.
So you think everyone who posts a thread with a video first should get a permanent sticky? No matter if it contains any information or not?

Look, I had my video done over a day earlier than this other guy.
No, I did not go out here and just post a crappy non-informational thread that contains nothing but a video. Everyone seems to be just posting empty video threads these days. What's the point in that? I took the time to write a full text guide which is exclusive to and I have my own website, yet I still prefer writing for these forums - as I did for 3 1/2 years.

Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
pin the original
So why do you favor Predni's Guide if XCVii 007 was the first one to post such a thread?
If what you say was a rule then he should have gotten the sticky. I think if users have no extra information at all they should not post the same stuff over and over again. Sometimes we have 5 or more threads that just say "Achievement Videos" where people private their videos until release date. At least I added text descriptions to make it a full guide.

If you support this first come first serve principle that badly, wouldn't that also mean that users like Predni - and many others shouldn't even be doing videos because others did it for years already and in this case, had videos online way earlier than they did? Everyone can post YouTube videos and everyone can create forum threads. That's the freedom of the internet and how it should be. Not that only those who come first are those who get favoured.

Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
I know the OP gets favoured for his work for some strange reason, but this is just preposterous.
Again, I don't know what you are trying to say with that. It probably got stuck because it's a full guide. The other two threads contain videos only and no text guide. Neither did I ask for the sticky, nor did I expect it. I just got it and got lucky with it.
Your problem seems to be more of a problem with the staff. You don't need to give my threads 1-star voting here and on By the way, I do notice your votings on
That's what's preposterous, not that a guide got stuck instead of a video thread.

Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
Hang on, how is this pinned and one created earlier
Because simple video threads that take 1 minute to be created never get stuck, but in-depth guides that take hours to write do?

Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
, showing the same thing is blatantly ignored?
Now you're talking about the videos, right? Cause the other thread doesn't contain text descriptions for each evidence.
If you mean the videos: The other thread contains two lengthy videos that are not to the point.
My videos have a collectible counter in the bottom left. They always show information what level I am currently in and what's the name of the area. If you wanted to do this real quick via level select, Predni's videos would be useless because he doesn't offer any info what area he is in.

Now let's all calm down, thanks
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