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Thumbs up Tnx, it works

Originally Posted by GHOST1986 View Post
1. Reach as close as you can to 50,000 points for your next tour. Once you do that head to the dashboard.
2. Go to the settings in the dashboard and delete save, title update, Online pass.
3. Now start up the game and redownload the title update and online pass again.
4. This is the important step. Before you start your next game go to and use your nation tokens. Must have at least 10 tokens to get a badge. Now start up a game and finish the last couple hundred points you need and the achievement should unlock. Make sure when you start the game you get a badge that is called war fighter nation.
Tnx dude , it works, finally unlocked it after almost 2 weeks. I quoted your method above, it's edited in a way which worked for me. Also I posted your method on battlelog - with ref. and your userID (ghost1989).
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