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Originally Posted by PowerPyx View Post
Now you're talking about the videos, right? Cause the other thread doesn't contain text descriptions for each evidence.
If you mean the videos:
Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
Because he clearly does not offer any info. /sarcasm
I clearly said twice that I am talking about the videos only, not his time line stuff in the thread. I meant that my videos (and also XCV's) show additonal text info in the top left corner. This is extra work that Predni simply didn't do. And let's be honest here, if you go to YouTube and watch a video you are there for the video and not for the description. 90% of viewers never read the description. Neither do they want to scroll down to figure out where the guy in the video currently is.

Everyone has their own opinion. If you find the other thread more useful then use the other thread. It's as simple as that

If you think that I did anything wrong then I am truly sorry for that. I am not here to argue, nor do I want to cause anyone trouble or piss anyone off. I just want to help out fellow gamers and I know others have the same desire. I am doing YouTube and Game Guides for fun. I don't care about stickies and I don't care about "internet fame". I don't come out here, break the embargo for every game and upload private videos a week before release just to "reserve" a video thread. I rarely post guides / threads and I only do it if I think I have to offer some valuable extra info.

Sometimes the staff finds it useful too, sometimes they don't. I guess that's why they have this "sticky" system.

Besides, people in these forums have been requesting a text guide. That's why I decided to make one.

For example:
Originally Posted by Callum x360a View Post
Written guides are getting harder to come by these days. I don't use video guides unless I need to, because I don't like having to keep pausing, watching ahead and then repeating what I've seen.

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Yes we are and what I meant is, you can give as much help/support/information to this site and they decide what they want/take/need or IGNORE. That's what I've noticed in my three years here.

Credits are given/waiting/taken! I started not to give a fuck anymore.
And if someone really has a problem with the way the forums work then they should leave or at least stop whining around. Nobody likes crybabies.

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