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Originally Posted by scheezy View Post
Hey guys. I still need help with Mortardom, and also would love to make a run at Bros to the Close. But if you'd be willing to be my protector so that I can take care of Mortardom, I'll do the same for you if there's one you need (This is my Rifle...).

Also, if anyone wants to take care of some Spartan Ops missions (the last mission in episode two, and all of the new episode) on legendary, I'd be willing to do that as well.

I'm online right now and ready to play, so send me a friend request or message with what you're wanting to do and I'll invite you!

GT: scheezy
That one was easy motoradom i suggest doing it on legendary because heroic is nasty. also from clueless's description is too impossible to explain how it did not solve getting the achievement right. It's easier on solo, on co-op it is NOT! Just shoot every enemies head and take 1 ghost out so the phantom doesn't deploy the next 2 leave the wraith alive and snipe the turret of the wraith gunner.

take the phantom out on that airstrike thing first then take the other ghost out with your rpg and use your plasma pistol on the wraith when you avoided the cannon fire just time it right, when the vehicle is disabled without wraith cannon fire, just sprint and jump at the top of the turret and an elite officer will come out, aboard the wraith and wulah just carry on killing the other 4 tanks so good luck no co op is needed
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