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Mission 3 - Terminus

Mastery: Terminus: Complete all challenges

: You can obtain the electrician disguise by going down the ladder to the left of the hotel entrance and find him there (there is a few in the level). There are goons everywhere, so just take your pick. The janitor costume can be found if you go up the elevator and into the restroom. Crawl through the vent and you'll be in the janitor's area . There's a knapsack with his clothes in it.

Evidence Collector: Collect the 2 pieces of evidence.

Evidence 1: Inside the hotel, as soon as you enter, look to your right. You will see the room rates above the clerk area. Inside by the TV is a video tape.

Evidence 2: On the upper floors, there is a room with a piano. In the following room is a table and on that table is the evidence.

Infiltrator: Complete the whole chapter without being spotted.

Suit Only: Never use a disguise the whole mission.

Housekeeping: Eliminate 11 enemies undetected.

Don't Disturb: Get through the mission to room 899 without touching anyone.

Hall Pass: Don't get spotted in any of the areas while disguised as the janitor.

An Evening in Paradise
: You must find a film reel, and play it in a projector. Once you go up the elevator, look for t he restroom in the hallway. Inside, crawl through a vent to find yourself in the janitor's area. The reel is on the shelf. Upstairs on the next floor is a projector to play it.

Inside Path: From the 7th floor, follow a certain path to the 8th. This is actually a 2 part challenge. As soon as you are at the upper floors via the elevator, head left. You should see a window and a man standing in front of it (by a door requiring a key card). Go play the radio nearby in the hall, and wait until he walks away. Go out the window and make your way inside the next window. You are now at stairs and the game notifies you that 1/2 is done for challenge. Go up the stairs and to the next area. You will see a man looking out of a window. Go push him out, and climb out of it. Head to the next open window and pull the man that looks out of it to his death. Now get inside and pick the lock. Once inside you will gain the challenge.

The Man from South Dakota
: Complete the mission.

The Electrician - Part 1: Head down the ladder near the hotel. There is an electrician you can disguise yourself as. Open the door he is near to grab his screwdriver. Kill an enemy with it undetected.

The Electrician - Part 2
: Same as above, but kill 5 more enemies with it, undetected. You must remain undetected the whole time while getting 5 stealth kills
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Another great guide, you are the best Tyger. There should be a forum section comprised entirely of your guides alone with a top sticky thread for praise.
The things people say to get to 5 posts...

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