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Good text guide, PowerPyx.

-Yah PP takes extra effort to add more info to the video, like me. It's easier for the viewer to identify if there is more information on-screen.

-Text guides are okay, but sometimes it's extremely difficult to even explain an area with text. I don't know how people can use it sometimes; you can only get so specific. I will try to add text next time, since people don't like going to the video page to check the descripton.

-As for the silent/non-silent route, it's more purposeful to show the viewer exactly where the item is, and not waste time for the "perfect" moment to retrieve it. Besides the fact that enemies have various combination of routes to take, its hard to replicate what your game shows compared to someone else. You don't need to 'hold their hand' on this; allow them to get it stealthily on their own.

Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Yes we are and what I meant is, you can give as much help/support/information to this site and they decide what they want/take/need or IGNORE. That's what I've noticed in my three years here.

Credits are given/waiting/taken! I started not to give a fuck anymore.
You are not the only one to notice this, and I could speak about my experiences with it, but I won't change the topic of this thread.
I'll just continue to make high quality guides, and it's up to users to use it or not. When you offer to help someone (by providing guides), you can't force them to accept your help. Although the appreciation is nice, it's not the reason you try to help others. Which is why I don't get mad when whoever is in charge decides to pin or sticky someone else's work. And plus, there are plenty of other websites out there that are looking for fast, high-quality material
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