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special capture boost guide

i've been meaning to share this you'll just need one other person with double boxes, 2 fear copies, and a 2nd gold acc. heres how it works in these phases.

step 1 - choose skid row as theres more space for both accs to manuver on the final point to cap as u synchronize both left analog sticks on both controllers to thumb forward and back

step 2 - both your mains will run and capture the 1st point

step 3 - you'll now control your dummies to capture the other 4 points so your main team racks more points when they cap the ring at their spawn

step 4 - as you get your dummies to reach the final point. instead of them backing away when they fill the capture ring to full blue for your mains to cap for the points.

step 5 - this time your dummies will still stay at the point to fill the capture ring in half red/green (when it fills the 3rd slot) then back away for your main team to capture and you'll always gain 9-10 points instead of 6

step 6 - repeat 5 til the game ends

final step - repeat steps 1-6 on the next game

at 1st i didn't know you earn more points when u keep capping a half red/green ring as my partners and i always rushed to cap the ring when its full blue and we'll always get 505 points per game. several games later when we experimented on this rare ring capture and we got 590-601 every game. it makes me wonder why no one thought of this in the 1st place, esp in a full 12 player boosting session.

hope this guide was helpful and heres my video that demonstrates this method

p.s. congrats again to jack knows and foolzparadice for their million xp and getting me this far as im now at 361k

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