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Could have been a much better game..

Okay so I got all of the achievements in the original skylanders, and picked this one up on the day it came out.

First thoughts were it was good but when I started the hardest difficulty I wasn't very happy, the main reason being I didn't want to buy anymore skylanders I have the original 3 and the new giant.
I quickly found my skylanders died in max 3 hits some even one..
and then when all 4 were dead I found out there was no checkpoints so back to the start of the level... Don't get me wrong I love a challenge but the terrible camera angles that you can't change mixed with some useless skylanders made it unreasonably hard! Anyway I did beat the game after repeating some levels over 10 times.

This isn't a sook it up thread, I just remember reading that out of the box you should be able to get the original 1000 achievement points and this isn't true for elemental enthusiast, so unless i get the 2 skylanders I need or it gets patched ill be stuck at 990/1000..

All in all i did enjoy the game but it seems to me activision want my money more than they want me to play the game the way it should be played.
rant over.
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