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Originally Posted by WalterWhite View Post
If I had access to a modded weapon I would have used it in a heartbeat, this shit isn't fun to me when I'm playing alone.

I'm also convinced that they purposely leave these "glitch spots" in for someone to find and make viral so us less skilled gamers can actually beat these bosses.
Originally Posted by Nevander View Post
Seems to me it has nothing to do with skill since tons of enemies in the game one shot to two shot down you and bosses have ridiculous HP amounts and the only way to kill them is to just blast away all your ammo until he dies, or try before you are instantly downed. This is even with the Bee.

Player HP/damage output to boss' HP/damage output is really unfair and unbalanced IMO.
Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Nice finally you got him too still though as I said IT IS GETTING BORING with these Invincible Bosses, they should come up with something new. What I mean is NO NOT NEW BOSSES, just something else than that would be refreshing.
My feelings exactly with this boss and all of the others in this game. I like playing SP but with these invincible aka impossible bosses, it forces you to play co-op. And that's fine but they should scale down in SP.

Originally Posted by Bahroo3 View Post
Plenty of people can solo it, maybe you just suck.
And yes I do suck. I have for 35 yrs. of gaming.

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