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Mission 4 - Run for Your Life


Evidence Collector:

Evidence 1: In the library, it might be best to subdue a cop and take his uniform. Head to the area with the statue and on the desk in front of it, is the evidence.

Evidence 2: When you enter the Shangri-La area, you will be in a room with multiple civilians doing marijuana. One will run off to try to get rid of a plant in the toilet. Take the left route and sneak by the cops (if you have a uniform this makes it easier). There is a cut out like window part next to hanging beads in the doorway of a room full of peace signs. On that is the evidence.

Evidence 3: Once you get on the elevator, step off and look to the left at a brown door. Open it and wait behind the counter, then subdue the cop. Into the next area, you will see cops to your right and the exit to your left. Go right and eat some donuts to blend in, then go around the counter and grab the dossier.

Infiltrator: Complete the mission without being spotted.

Suit Only: Don't use a disguise the whole mission.

Picking on the New Guy: Use a rookie as a human shield. To do this you must have a gun already. Find a rookie whom has a regular looking hat on and has no facial hair. After getting behind him with your gun, you can see the prompt to use him as a shield.

Death from Above: Accidental kill with library chandelier. There are numerous in the library. You must first get a gun from a police officer. You can just randomly shoot them all and cross your fingers, or try to plan it out.

Fields of Joy: While in the Shangri-La area, if you go on the route to the right after starting, you will see a ton of marijuana plants and cops busting the people. You must sneak all the way through without being spotted. Stay to your left, which helps a lot.

Bong Hits: Hit enemies with a bong. Pick one up and smash someone with it. They break, so you will have to reload your checkpoint or find another one somewhere. This is all in the Shangri-La area (with all the marijuana).

Business is Booming: After going through the field or any other route, you will come to a hallway.

In Stereo: Start the tape deck player in the disco room. It has a sign in the hallway that indicates where it is. Head inside without being detected and play the tape. Now play the keyboard and the police will walk in and start dancing.

The Tables Have Turned: Complete mission.

Silence Please - Part 1: Subdue a police officer and hide the body. See Part 2.

Silence Please - Part 2: Subdue and hide 7 police officers. I was able to personally get this reloading checkpoints. After you drop down, go to your right and wait for the police officer to come up, then subdue him and put him in the closet nearby. This was played on Hard. On Normal, there is no police officer that comes up the stairs.
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