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It appears that "One With the Shadows" is glitchy. I have completed 7 levels on hard so far, and replayed them all 4-5 times on normal getting misc challenges and achievements. I have yet to unlock this despite alerting people and then hiding until "all clear" quite a few times. Just a heads up...I'm going to start a new save later and hopefully it unlocks.
Didn't get it on the way mentioned in this guide but got first time on the method from PS3 trophies site

This can be done in a few ways, but the best way is on the mission "The King of Chinatown" go down to where the alleyway to the sports car begins. Just up the stairs is a cop who will always be standing there and he has his back to you, subdue him with You should now see a picture of 47 in the bottom left corner. Now quickly go down the sports car alley and shoot the cop there and change into his uniform. Just casually walk off from the scene then until you reach the other side of the map. You can interact with a menu if you want to hide, but it's not required. will unlock when everything returns to normal.

helps to put on easy as was not even at the other side of china town when it popped
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