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This game is good


The title pretty much sums it up. We have a bitching thread, but not a 'I like this game' thread. No matter how hard you hate it from time to time, eventually you come back and play it. That's what I like about this Halo.

343i just made it right. I like the fact that I don't have to get 50 million 'credits' to the next rank at some point. At all times, it's a good amount of EXP I have to gain, but it's not impossible and there is always something that makes you want to get there.

I have been playing with the DMR almost every time now. When I grinded it to Master, I will use the BR. Or maybe the Carbine? Or Light Rifle? Whatever I choose, it will be something else that keeps me playing the game and gives the game the chance to keep it fresh.

The loadouts keep the game fresh, as well. Do I want to sprint to get the best stuff in the beginning of the game, or do I want to hide with camouflage, or just blaze through everything (bad idea) with an offensive loadout? I can adjust it anytime I want, either in the menu or ingame, and that's great.

Slayer gametypes give me the chance to respawn anytime I want. I don't have to see someone hump my corpse, I can get right back into the action. I don't even have time to throw my controller out of anger - I just jump right back in.

Flood is just as I wished it to be since Halo's community invented 'Infection' (read: Zombie) in Halo 2, CTF finally gives me the chance to wield a pistol with the flag (even though I still don't know how to hell to throw the flag away when I picked it up?!), 343i made it Big Team Slayer and not Big Team Battle (with objectives), we get a fair amount of EXP even if we lost a match and people who don't like to fight each other in War Games just play Spartan Ops and get fun missions, too.

Those fun missions reminded me a lot of those 'this part rocks!'-thoughts when playing Silent Cartographer in Halo: CE. A quick fix of action and cooptimistic playing. The campaign is intense and the cinematics are just gorgeous.

I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but the game is just what the Halo franchise needed, and this magic was needed badly.

So what do you like about the game?

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