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Battle Hardened Achievement Guide/Roadmap

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 (Can all be obtained in Private Matches)
- Offline: 3/4 (A New Challenger Appears, Stubborn Stunner & Wolves For Lambs - 75)
- Online: 1/4 (One For All - 25)
- Approximate amount of time to 250: 1-2 Hours
- Cost of DLC: 800 Microsoft Points or Free for Season Pass Holders
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

As part of the Assassin's Creed III's Season Pass, the Battle Hardened Pack offers additional Multiplayer experience to players with three new maps and characters for Multiplayer modes, and four new achievements. The new characters include the influential Governor, the resilient Highlander and fearsome Coyote Man, while the maps include Charlestown, Fort St-Mathieu and Saint Pierre. The Battle Hardened Pack is free to Season Pass holders, or available for $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points) to everyone else.

All four achievements are Multiplayer related and can be obtained in Private Matches. All For One can only be obtained in a team-based game type. A New Challenger Appears can be obtained in a Solo Wolfpack session without any help from others, or any effort on your part. Stubborn Stunner can be obtained in a Private Manhunt session with others, or in Training Mode by yourself. Lastly, Wolves For Lambs can be obtained with up to three other players and is probably one of the more challenging achievements on this list.

The Battle Hardened Pack delivers simple, yet enjoyable content. All four achievements are very easy to complete, whether you're playing legitimately or boosting with three other players. It will take about 45 minutes for a full, four player boosting lobby, to get all four achievements. If you decide to challenge yourself by playing the Multiplayer legitimately, you will find that it may take a lot longer to obtain your achievements. Remember that Season Pass holders have free access to this DLC, while it can be purchased separately for 800MSP.


One for All 25
With any of the additional characters, perform 20 ‘Revive’ actions.

You must revive 20 teammates while playing as one of the three new characters. To revive a stunned teammate before they get back up on their own, approach them and press to successfully revive them. This action can only be performed during team based games such as Manhunt and Wolfpack.

To knock this achievement out quickly, play a Wolfpack (Invite Only) - Standard session with another player. Approach your targets and have your teammate purposely get stunned by the target. Recklessly kill the target and revive your teammate before they get back up. Repeat this method across all players until everyone obtains their achievement.

Note: Alternatively, you can play a Private Team Manhunt session with three to four players and have one of the 'Pursuing' players allow a 'Hiding' member to stun them. The second 'Pursuing' player can then revive their teammate. Repeat this process until both 'Pursuers' have their achievement, then switch teams accordingly or repeat this method on Round 2 so that everyone obtains the achievement.

A New Challenger Appears 25
Finish a multiplayer game session with each of the additional characters.

Before a match starts, you have the option to choose which character you would like to play as. You must finish a match of any mode as each of the three new characters.

Note: This can easily be done in a Custom Match by yourself. Choose the Wolfpack (Invite Only) - Standard - Extra Content Maps Playlist. You will be able to choose the character you want to use without having to worry about another player choosing your character. When the match begins, simply let the timer run down. When the match is over, repeat this for the other two characters.

Remember, the new characters are the Governor, Coyote Man, and Highlander. Each character looks distinctly different:

Stubborn Stunner 25
Stun 3 pursuers without dying, playing with any of the additional characters.

While playing a Versus mode where you are the target and you are being pursued, you must stun your pursuer using , three times in one life, as one of the new characters. This can easily be done in the Team Manhunt Mode.

Hide in a group of civilians and use the decoy, tripwire, or blend crowd perks to throw off your pursuer when they are near. You can quickly stun them while they are unaware of your presence and quickly run away. You may also want to have the knives equip on your loadout in order to slow down your pursuer for another quick stun. Simply perform three stuns without dying and the achievement is yours.

Note: This can be obtained in a Private Custom Match under the Private - On Extra Content Maps Playlist. Set the match up with Manhunt as the gametype. Assuming you are on the 'Hiding' team on the first round, have your boosting partner find you and have them allow you to land three stuns on them. Once the achievement pops, let the timer run down and repeat this method for your partner in the next round.

Note: You can also play the Training Mode Tutorials if you are short two other players. Load up Introductory Session 3. This session will start off with the practice of stunning pursuers. Simply stun three AI pursuers to get the achievement. Thanks to KAMOE550 & VyperJMc for the confirmation!

Wolves for Lambs 25
Complete a Wolfpack multiplayer session on any of the additional maps.

This can be done in a private match with one to three other players. Host a Wolfpack (Invite Only) - Standard - Extra Content Maps Playlist session and complete all 25 Sequences in order to obtain this achievement.

Make sure you communicate with your team in order to synchronize your kills for more points. Be aware of the timer as the match will end when the clock reaches zero. Try to approach your target slowly to avoid getting a low-point discreet kill. Instead, follow your target or hide in a crowd with them for a silent/incognito/hidden bonus. Make sure to lock kills onto the target using to get a focus bonus. These bonuses will add major points to your score. Be sure to always assassinate the 'Extra Target' for more time, too.

- Credit to KAMEO550, VyperJMc, cjdavies, and FightTheRise05.
- This Guide is for the use of x360a only.

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