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full of glitches.

This game has potential to be one the better games that I played but it has too many flaws. I finally got this game on my gamefly and of course you need a code to play online so all my opinions of this game are based on single player.

anyway i think this game is good except its glitchy as hell. For example when I was rescuing sykes in mission 3(i think) I would come out of the container kill those guys and then when he says left go left, I die in that cutscene like 3-4 times in a row. How am I supposed to protect myself in a cutscene? Then when I finally dont die I just start walking away from sykes and it says that he died. Im not suppose to be allowed to move my character in that part of the mission he walks for you lol.

anyway besides the glitches this is a good game ad I wish I could experince teh multiplayer but unfortunately I cant.
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