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Originally Posted by Nevander View Post
Check out this douchenozzle. I swear I have the worst luck in online multiplayer games. They are just not for me...

BOII Game Clip - Package Thief - YouTube
I had the same thing happen to me, my care package just vanished. I was like what the hell, I book marked the film to watch it and it never saved for me. So I never did know what happened...NOW I DO. Man I hope they patch that, this just blows me away!
I have always thought a you should not be able to take a teammates care package unless the person who called it in is killed before taking it, then it is fair game. I remember trying to get the "sharpackage" challenge in MW 2 and people would never pick it up, ever since then they watch you throw it and stand there and try to take it from you. Sorry if this should be in the bitching thread....Lol
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