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Originally Posted by Hurricane Of 87 View Post
Stubborn Stunner looks like the hard/boosting one, but I'm sure I've already pulled off such a feat before. Definitely more likely on Deathmatch or Assassinate than Manhunt.

Weird how the achievements come out but there's nothing about the new maps.
I absolutely swear when I checked my friends scores a week ago there were two additional maps down at the bottom that had no scores on them. Charlestown and Fort St. Mathieu. When I went to take a picture (post-patch) they had gone though. BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE I guess.

The AC III wiki sez the new characters are
"Coyote Man
Good thing there's only one Highlander. Those are the rules.

Q: I've hit level 50 and was told 'you've been awarded a prestige star!' but I've rifled through all the menus and can't find where I go to prestige.
Any idea?
I still can't buy anything that unlocks at 1*, despite having earned it. Sad face 2.0
That's because you get the 1* at your second 50. There's a difference between the star you get that signifies that you are prestige, and the star from hitting 1st prestige.
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