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Originally Posted by Opiate42 View Post
Spawn, get run over by a ghost.

Spawn, get shot by a sniper.
Spawn, get run over by a ghost driven by a teammate.
Spawn, sniped again.
Spawn, get run over by a hog driven by a teammate.
Spawn, assassinated.
Wow, that must sure sucks, I never had that before, sorry that happend to you!

What I love was the campaign, MP, Spartan Ops pretty much everything.
Side note I didnt like was the campaign felt to short, it reminded me playing Halo:CE, but the levels didnt seem that long like it was in this one for some reason, I remember playing Halo and it took forever to complete a level on any difficulty, just the aspect of the first halo game, it was massive to play in. This felt abit short in each level didnt matter on the difficulty either but sure had a blast. The end was a tearjerker, not going to lie, Dom's ending was deeper in Gears 3 in my thoughts.

Multiplayer: 3/4 like, you really need people to play with, I'am a lonewolf kind of guy at times. But man people get pissed off if they get an assist, I don't, all I care is for the WIN! People getting upset on assist really piss me off, who cares its the WIN thats important. The 1/4 I dont like is the join in matches and the setting up before matches, your with a low level team againts a high level team.

Spartan ops: Love the way they are taking this leading towards the next Halo game, no gap between the next. Just leading on what the story is offering to us, expand outside of MC's shoes. A bit of reach I think, but way better than reach, that was soooo boring, the maps were the same in my way, no matter how many forge maps they choosed, so blain for MP I mean.

Spartan ops I enjoy, just the level they re-use over at times, does get boring..and cannot wait for the DLC they will use for them in the up coming episodes! If they do.

but yeah a deff. 9.5/10 for me!

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