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Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post
I have a really fast way to complete 'The Penthouse' of Blackwater Park. I think if you haven't filmed that part yet, the below method will be the best and fastest way to complete it!

When you have control of 47, move and shimmy across the ledge. Drop down and then run to the door. Stop a bit short so the guards don't hear you. Crouch and open the door and you'll see the target and guards walk past you under the arch way.

Simply follow them until they stop in the next room. After a short conversation, they'll move onto the next room to the right. Keeping to the left side of the stairs, walk past the guard to the left and follow them. When they get into the next room, they'll split up a little but the 2 guards will stop in the room up ahead.

While in the small hallway, look right and take cover behind the little table/desk which is near the exit of that hallway. Wait until the guards get told to move on and one of them will come right up next to you.

Now this may vary, but on Normal he got close enough that I could corner takedown, but on Hard, he did not. So I'll list both versions.

Corner Takedown - If he's close enough for this do it. Once dead, the target will be in the next room to the left on a PC. She has her back turned and there are no guards near her. So assassinate.

Takedown - If the guard does not come close enough, you should have enough intuition to Point Shoot him or you can just pop out and shoot him but PS works better. Doing so, the target will get slighting suspicious and come back around the corner.

Let her do her thing and she'll then turn her back on you. When she does, pop out of cover and kill her.

Escape - Now head back to the guards body and get his disguise. Feel free to go to the end of the original room you killed the guard in and grab the keycard off the desk.

If you don't follow the room up ahead (where the target was originally going), you can now walk around freely through the whole level. So simply head to the exit and you're done!

Doing this, the level took me less than 5mins.


Mission 3: Terminus.

The way you go at the start is a really long route to take. From the start, if you head left, you can take a ladder down into the sewers. A little walk through here, will bring you out right where the Mechanic is. Simply wait for the guards to move and you're free to walk over to him and get his disguise.

Literally, it takes 1 minute to get to that point. Where as going through the hotel lobby and around the back rooms etc, so it takes a lot more time and risks of getting caught.
For mission 20, I noticed that if I walked near the door, and put a bullet in the ground, one of the swat looking guards would come to investigate. At that point, I could subdue, steal the disguise, dump the body, and basically walk straight to the target after she got into the panic room. Only needed a dab of instinct for extra comfort (as I had it), and once in the room, just shoot her in the face. Also, got a silent assassin rating, and was at the phone (end of the mission) when I killed her, without alerting anyone at all. I think my method is pretty foolproof, even on Hard! Video posted tomorrow around noon EST.

Yeah, I didn't do very well on Terminus, and might re-do it. From level 6 on, it becomes much more stealthy and I usually have much better paths. Missions 3-5 are just enough to get you through.

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