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Originally Posted by TheGunslinger View Post
This seems to have done it, sort of. After at least 3 more hours of gameplay, I fast traveled to New York, and the words that the kid says immediately appeared on my screen (I play with subtitles on). Didn't see him or hear him. Then the third set of challenges appeared. Weird bug.
Got the same!! After today all that i tought i had left to do to get 100% was the hunting challenges and just needed to complete the hunting map basicly means hunting specific animals in specific regions, done then i noticed after i did all this i just had to do the last thiefs challenges 3 after finaly stumbled upon a messenger as it was the last thing i needed for the thiefs challange set 2, done! All the sudden i noticed when i went into logbook the new set 3 wasn,t there! I already went mental because i already had the famous common men glitch! Now i,m reading this i know i might still be able to do this last set 3 for the thiefs Any idea what the best minigame is to earn 300$ quik ? Because i kinda hate them all lol.
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